Couples Therapy

Relationship difficulties are one of the most common reasons why adults seek assistance from a therapist.
Couples may feel that they have lost the level of intimacy that they once experienced, and are struggling to find a way to
“reconnect” to their partner.  Couples may be experiencing external stressors that are also making their relationship more
difficult to manage.

Such difficult topics, in conjunction with decreased feelings of intimacy, high levels of stress and difficulties in achieving real
communication about such issues are often what lead couples to seek assistance from a counselor.  During couples counseling,
couples work to develop healthy communication skills and to create an environment in which each partner can both ¡§hear and
be heard¡¨ from the other.  In addition to creating an atmosphere of communication, a therapist can bring new perspectives into
what may be contributing to the relationship problems.  Adults often form their approach to relationships during their childhood
and adolescence, and their relationship style is often learned or heavily influenced by their parents. Experiences during this
development may have a hidden impact on the current relationship.  Identifying and understanding one’s approach to
relationships in couples counseling can often reveal new ways for the couple to understand each other and restore the kind of
intimacy the couple is seeking.