Benefits & Potential Outcomes from Group Therapy

  1. Learn to identify and label what emotions I am feeling during group.
  2. Learn to trust other people by sharing my true emotions.
  3. Learning to let my guard down by trusting others rather than putting others through a “test” before I trust them.
  4. Be able to experience that bonding is done mostly at emotional levels with other human beings.
  5. Face the emotions, walk through them, and have this be the benefit and reason for doing something, rather than seeing an intellectual gain.
  6. Recognize that others have similar emotions as I do. This is one of the reasons that makes us human; our ability to feel emotions.
  7. Be able to experience a much wider range of emotions.
  8. Accept this wider range of emotions as being human and believing that it is okay to have emotions.
  9. Learning to “be there” for others in an emotional way and be able to validate their emotions.
  10. Begin to see that when others get to know me they do like me and a friendship can begin.