Fall 2011 Groups

AMAC (Adults Molested as Children) Men’s Group
Begins: Oct 19, 2011 7:00PM
Cost: $35

This will be a 16 week male-specific AMAC group, starting Oct 19th at 7pm. Because of the intimate nature of this group, it will close after four weeks and will be restricted to 8 group members, so please refer soon.

The group will be lead by Rick Frank PhD. Contact him directly at 801-425-5559


Marriage Growth Group
Begins: Nov 17, 2011 7:00PM
Cost: $45

This will be an ongoing open group to help build skills and resolve dysfunctional interpersonal problems in a marriage. Group begins November 17th @ 7pm. This group will be lead by Rick Frank PhD.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy-Skills Group
Begins: Nov 30, 2011 7:00PM
Cost $40 (two hour group)

This will be an open DBT skills group, focusing on increasing interpersonal effectiveness skills, mindfulness skills, distress tolerance skills and emotional regulation. Group begins November 30th at 7pm. There is a suuport group and consultation sessions as part of this group. This group will be lead by Danielle Schnieder. You can contact her directly at 801-808-6626


Ongoing Groups

The Sons of Helaman

The Sons of Helaman is a group of young men who have dedicated themselves to helping each other overcome pornography and/or masturbation.  In a “Knights of the Round Table” environment, they encourage and help their brethren in the fight against this demon that assails them.  They practice and develop the warrior instincts that are required to conquer these addictions for the rest of their lives.  They learn the strategies that the adversary will use against them, and are trained how to use the most powerful weapons known to science and spirituality to defeat him.  Young men beginning at age 14 should be considered for the program. Return missionaries (under 25) who need extra training are also invited.  This program is ideal for helping a young man prepare for his mission and/or temple marriage.

Graduation from the group includes having successfully conquered the addiction for 12 consecutive weeks.  By this time the young man has acquired a healthy fear of the power of Satan and a reverent alliance with the power of God.  He will have practiced calling upon the power of God to serve himself as well as those he has grown to love. He will have gained a familiarity with the words of the prophets and will discover how they apply to real life. He will have gained an unusual amount of control over his thoughts, feelings, and body chemistry, that will serve him throughout his lifetime.

The young men attending the groups find it to be much more enjoyable and much more effective than individual therapy.  Parents and Bishops have been pleased with the cost efficiency being about ¼th the cost of individual therapy.  When a group has more than 8 members, another group is formed.  As one individual graduates, a new member is added.  A young man stays with the same group from start to finish in order to maintain brotherhood.



Benefits & Potential Outcomes from Group Therapy

  1. Learn to identify and label what emotions I am feeling during group.
  2. Learn to trust other people by sharing my true emotions.
  3. Learning to let my guard down by trusting others rather than putting others through a “test” before I trust them.
  4. Be able to experience that bonding is done mostly at emotional levels with other human beings.
  5. Face the emotions, walk through them, and have this be the benefit and reason for doing something, rather than seeing an intellectual gain.
  6. Recognize that others have similar emotions as I do. This is one of the reasons that makes us human; our ability to feel emotions.
  7. Be able to experience a much wider range of emotions.
  8. Accept this wider range of emotions as being human and believing that it is okay to have emotions.
  9. Learning to “be there” for others in an emotional way and be able to validate their emotions.
  10. Begin to see that when others get to know me they do like me and a friendship can begin.